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Waterco Malaysia pioneers reliable solutions for healthy, safe water environments, which are used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications in over 40 countries.

Established in 1981 with a single pool pump store in Sydney, Australia, it has since become a global brand recognized for designing and manufacturing filtration and sanitation innovations for the swimming pool, spa, aquaculture, and water purification sectors. 


  • Waterco Hydrostorm pumps is designed to have all the extra power you need to cope with modern day swimming pool designs, but is equipped with an energy saving variable speed motor that offers the finest adjustment in operating speed and reducing its operating noise.

  • Energy Rating of 8 Stars

  • Variable permanent magnet brushless DC motor

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Hydrostrom Plus

Waterco Hydrostorm plus pumps has all the proven features with the addition of an innovative lid & lock ring for easier maintenance and a larger strainer basket for increased capacity.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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