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Green Solar


Green Solar Hot Water Heater is the most advanced solar heater which embraces the today's latest technologies, materials and manufacturing methods.It is specially designed for residential hot water systems and centralised solar hot water projects for commercial consumption.

Green Solar GS 66

Tank Capacity : 66 gallons (300 Litres)

Panel Size : 4.48 m2

No. of Panel : 2 nos.

Overall Weight : 445kg

Green Solar GS 40

Tank Capacity : 40 gallons (180 litres)

Panel Size : 2.24 m2

No. of Panel : 1 no.

Overall Weight : 258 kg

Green Solar Eco 60


Tank Capacity : 60 gallons (272 Litres)

Panel Size : 4.0 sq. m

No. of Panel : 2 nos.

Overall Weight : 399 kg

Green Solar Titanium (Tinox) T-Series

The absorber is made using full copper riser tubes and copper fins, and the fins are coated with a high efficiency tinox blue coating. Both of which are German manufactured. As a result, the absorber offers an absorption rate of more than 95% and its emission is less than 6%. To ensure 100% integration and heat conductivity, the coated fins and riser tubes are welded using the latest ultrasonic technology.


CFC Free phenolic foam insulation board with an additional layer of aluminium foil is used on the sides and bottom section of the collector.


The unique properties of this solar glass cover are that it has a high solar transmittance up to 92% with low reflection losses and increased durability.

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