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Grundfos Scala2

If you are looking for a weatherproof pump to install outdoor under the rain and shine, then you can consider Grundfos Scala2 pumps. Suitable to boost pressure up to 2 - 3 bar and a flow rate of 3 m3/hour for a home with 2 to 3 bathrooms. Variable speed operation with inverter will generate a constant pressure to every outlets so that you enjoy your shower more than before. 

Besides supplying cold water to the bathrooms outlet, this pump is also use to transfer water to the solar water heater that located on the roof top. So the owner will be enjoying the pressurised hot water shower at all time. 

Scala 2 specification

Max flowrate : 3.5 m3/hr

Max pressure : 4.3 bar

Power : 0.5kW 

Supply : 1ph/240V/50hz 

IP Rating : X4D (suitable for outdoor installation)

For more info, please contact us directly. 

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